For many individuals who arrive in the United States, the ultimate goal is to become a U.S. citizen. While certain visas, like the EB-1, provide tremendous benefits and others, such as work visas, help in certain instances, nothing compares to the advantages of being a citizen of the U.S. The ability to vote, to travel freely, to bring relatives to this country are all benefits granted to U.S. citizens. While the children born in the U.S to foreign nationals are automatically U.S. citizens, others must seek citizenship through the naturalization process. Naturalization, while achievable without the assistance of an attorney, is a complex process. Take advantage of the peace of mind that the naturalization attorneys at the Florida Immigration Law Counsel can provide. Our experienced, determined and compassionate attorneys will analyze your situation and guide you through the naturalization process.Naturalization is the acquisition of the U.S. citizenship by a foreign national. Major requirements for naturalization include:

Other requirements include:

  • Living in the United States for over 50% of the required residency period
  • Be considered an individual of good moral character;
  • Taking an oath of loyalty to the United States;
  • Having a demonstrated ability to speak, read and write in English
  • Showing knowledge of U.S. history and government through a written test
  • Participating in an interview with an immigration officer

The naturalization attorneys at FL-ILC can help establish if you are eligible for naturalization and guide you, step by step, on all aspects of the process. They can also spot and fix issues within your application and ensure that the entire process is handled properly. Simply stated, FL-ILC will work to put you in the best position to achieve your citizenship goals. Contact us today at 1-800-666-4996.

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