Permanent Labor Certifications

Permanent Labor Certifications

Permanent labor certifications allow U.S. employers to hire foreign workers permanently in the United States, and it is a requirement for some categories of the business and employment-based visas. A PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) Labor Certification is the first step towards a foreign beneficiary obtaining an employment-based green card, allowing them to live and work in the country permanently. If you are a U.S. employer wishing to consult an expert PERM labor certification attorney, look no further than the Florida Immigration Law Counsel. Call 1-800-666-4996 today to speak directly with an attorney who has the knowledge and expertise required to successfully handle your case.Two categories of employment-based visas requiring the labor certification are the EB-2 and EB-3. Before an employer can file a petition for a foreign worker, they must first obtain an approved labor certification from the Department of Labor by filing ETA Form 9089.

The DOL must be able to certify to USCIS that there are not sufficient U.S. workers available who have the qualifications, willingness and availability to perform the job offered at the prevailing wage for that occupation. Furthermore, it must satisfy USCIS that the employment of the foreign worker will not adversely affect the working conditions or wages of similarly employed domestic workers.

The FL-ILC PERM Labor Certification Process

At the Florida Immigration Law Counsel, we provide services for employers seeking a PERM labor certification. Our process is:

  • We begin by collecting all the relevant information regarding the sponsoring employer and the prospective alien beneficiary
  • Review all qualifications and identify issues relating to education or job duties
  • Work with the employer to review and finalize the job description and qualification requirements
  • Assist with the PERM online filing system registration and submit necessary documentation to the National Prevailing Wage Center
  • Draft the job posting and propose advertising schedules either as newspaper advertisements or through an agent, upon the client’s consent
  • Collect and review all documents for the entire recruitment process, should the DOL conduct an audit
  • Prepare, review and submit the online PERM application with the employer and beneficiary
  • Communicate with the DOL in the case of an audit, or for any other legal issues that may arise during the application process.

Applying for a PERM Labor Certification is a very complex and time-sensitive procedure. Contact the FL-ILC should you require any assistance or representation from an experienced immigration attorney.


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