Removal Proceedings

Removal Proceedings

If you have recently received a Notice to Appear (NTA) in the mail, the time to speak with a deportation defense attorney is now. Once the NTA has been issued, a series of events has commenced that can ultimately lead to your removal from the United States. Your hopes and plans for life in the U.S. could be dashed and largely because you did not have proper representation. Turn to the Florida deportation lawyers at the Florida Immigration Law Council (FL-ILC) to handle your case. We are experienced in navigating the intricacies of a deportation proceeding and will defend your right to remain in the U.S.

Removal proceedings are typically initiated by your placement in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility. However, that is not always the case. In all removal proceedings, the foreign national will receive an NTA. The NTA will state the reasons why the ICE believes the individual needs to be removed from the U.S. These are the allegations that the government will attempt to prove and what the deportation lawyer will attempt to dispute. The allegations may include illegal entry into the U.S., a criminal conviction, or overstaying the allotted time of your visa.

Once you have received an NTA, it’s critical that you contact a deportation lawyer to handle your case. They will represent you at master calendar hearing. At this hearing, you will meet before an immigration judge and have an opportunity to request relief from deportation or an extension of your visa. Ideally, your visa will be extended, but if the judge orders a removal decision, there are a number of appeals (relief) that you can apply for at a separate hearing. These include:

  • Asylum: It must be proven that you would face persecution, if you returned to your home country.
  • Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Residents: You must be a permanent resident for at least five years and meet certain qualifications.
  • Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents: You must be a non-permanent resident for at least 10 years and meet certain qualifications.
  • Waiver: You must prove that your deportation would cause extreme hardship to you or your family.

If you are facing the possibility of deportation, you must act immediately. Our Florida deportation defense attorneys can act swiftly and effectively to defend your right to stay in the United States. Contact FL-ILC today at 1-800-666-4996.


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