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Caring and compassionate, Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez is a Florida immigration attorney dedicated to producing the results her clients need. She has over 15 years of experience helping both corporate and individual clients with an emphasis in employment/investment cases and family adjustment cases.

Her experience and expertise in immigration litigation has led to multiple Avvo awards and other accolades, including the Clients’ Choice for 2017 Immigration Attorney. Her clients also consistently post positive reviews on her Facebook page. Her experience has also allowed her to teach a new generation of lawyers as an adjunct professor of law at Nova Southeastern University, and she also regularly gives speeches on immigration matters.

As the Managing Attorney at Florida Immigration Law Counsel, Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez and her team are capable of representing and helping individuals looking to attain a Family Visa, Work Visa, and Citizenship/Naturalization. Her experience successfully representing clients in front of the Department of Justice for cases involving Deportation/Removal Proceedings will lead to success in your case.

Counselor Gonzalez is also experienced in helping corporate clients through the process of filing for Employment Visas, Labor Certifications, and Business and Investment Visas with the Department of Labor. She takes on the entire case from start to finish, simplifying the process for her clients and allowing them to focus on their business.

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Farsi – Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez is dedicated to making her clients feel comfortable and assured in making her their go-to immigration attorney in Florida. Her goal is to ensure that those who want to live the American dream have a professional fighting for them and making the process as painless as possible.

Saman’s passion for immigration law stems from her personal life as the daughter of immigrants. Her parents were recipients of the student F1 visa in 1971. Her father came into this country with the goal to improve his life and the life of his children. He earned a PhD in Civil Engineering and Business, instilling in his daughter a strong work ethic that she carries to this day. Saman saw first hand what it means to be an immigrant and achieve the American Dream.

Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez can personally understand the struggle of immigrants and the children of immigrants navigating through the bureaucratic process of immigration law. Because of this, she dedicates herself fully and provides her personal attention to every case. She prides herself on developing a strong relationship with each and every client, and she is not afraid of pushing the envelope and looking for answers where other attorneys have failed. 

Saman Movassaghi makes it her goal to provide you with only the best representation for immigration matters because she believes it’s time for you to live the American dream!

Our Team

Paola Vasquez Berrios

Paola Vasquez Berrios was born and raised in sunny South Florida. She has been part of the legal field for more than five years and has over ten years of hospitality experience. Mrs. Berrios received her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, from Florida International University. Her passion for Immigration Law stems from her parents, who were immigrants from Chile that came to the United States back in 1978, to provide a better life for themselves and their future family. In addition to working in the legal field, Mrs. Berrios has a passion for helping children. She currently serves as a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem for the 17th Circuit Guardian Ad Litem Program, where she advocates for several cases of abused and neglected children. Mrs. Berrios enjoys home improvement, interior decorating, and renovation projects as a pass time. She currently resides in Miramar, Florida with her husband, and teenage son.

Alba Castillo

Alba Castillo was born and raised in Miami, Florida, to Nicaraguan parents who immigrated to the United States in 1988. She has been working in Immigration Law for more than three years. Ms. Castillo is a Political Science major at Florida International University and plans to attend Law School next year, becoming the first-generation university graduate in her family. Ms. Castillo’s passion is to help people and make a change in the world. It is because of this, that her goal is to someday become an Immigration Attorney where she can be a voice for those that are afraid to speak up. When she is not working on Immigration cases, Ms. Castillo enjoys family trips and outings. She is also an avid sports fan and sneaker collector. Ms. Castillo currently resides in Miami, FL, with her wife and five-year-old son.

Rebeca Useda

Rebeca Useda, the newest member of Florida Immigration Law Counsel, was born and raised in South Florida. Miss Useda is a Political Science major at Florida International University and expects to graduate this upcoming year. She plans on continuing onto Law School in hopes of becoming a Criminal and Immigration attorney. Miss Useda was born to Nicaraguan parents and understands and appreciates the many sacrifices her parents made to give her a better future. Miss Useda is a nature adventurist and enjoys reading romance novels in her pass time. She also volunteers her time at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and His House Children’s Home, making little kids smile. Miss. Useda currently resides with both of her parents and her Yorkie Lilu.

Lianette Sanchez

Lianette Sanchez was born in Havana Cuba where she studied at Havana University and graduated with a degree in Communications. Ms. Sanchez moved to New York, NY at the young age of twenty-two. Ms. Sanchez is a seasoned Paralegal with more than fifteen years of experience within the Immigration legal field. For over one decade, Ms. Sanchez worked for renowned multi-million-dollar companies in New York City, specializing in employment-based visas, asylums, removal and family-based cases, H1B visas, immigrant visa petitions, and labor certifications. In 2012, Ms. Sanchez decided to move to South Florida and continue her legal career here where she worked at an employment-based boutique immigration law firm in downtown Miami before transitioning to Florida Immigration Law Counsel. Ms. Sanchez is an avid book reader, and a movie enthusiast. Ms. Sanchez currently resides in Miami, FL.


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knowledgeable, patience and available!

Saman was referred to me 5 years ago by a family friend who had used her services and was happy with them. When I contacted her, even though she was not my attorney yet, she did not hesitate to talk to me about my case. Later, as my marriage-based case progressed and became more complicated, she was able to help us through each step successfully. Our case got approved thanks to her! Also, my parents were selected in the DV lottery but with the new immigration complications and the fact that my family comes from one of the countries on the banned list, we have been concerned. However, she has managed to help us through their case as well. We appreciate Saman’s knowledge of the system, her availability, and her patience. I feel comfortable texting her at any time to ask her questions when I don’t have the chance to call or write an email. She is on top of it and responds to all of my questions thoroughly and promptly. Would definitely recommend her! Even if you are not sure you need an attorney I would give her a call

Arvin - July 16, 2018

applying to green card

Saman is very helpful, my case was a little complicated, Saman gave the consultants very efficient, thanks Saman !

Matt - July 3, 2018

Case approved!

I really appreciate the help from Saman. Her professionalism and knowledge helped me to get my case approved. I also appreciate her patience throughout the whole process as well and make sure I understand her approach for my case. Would definitely recommend her!

anonymous - June 28, 2018

The Modern Face of Immigration Law!

Having to request the services of an Immigration Lawyer is a daunting experience. Saman has the most reassuring attitude, which instantly put me at ease. She and her staff are diligent in planning the appropriate course of action and executing it without delay. She is approachable, warm, knowledgeable, direct and genuine. To me, she is the modern face of Immigration lawyers! If you are reading those reviews here, look no further. Contact her. She'll help you.

anonymous - June 15, 2018

Her professionalism is excellent

Her professionalism is excellent. She helped us through with patience and respect. Everything went smoothly. An important ally in an overwhelming process.

Angela - June 12, 2018

EB3 experience

Saman was very professional and thorough, she prepared me well for my interview and everything went smoothly.

Jimmy - June 10, 2018

Most Definitely Recommend!

I am extremely happy to have had Saman guide us through an immigration case. She was extremely helpful and dedicated to our case; and ultimately, delivered great results. Would definitely recommend!

Andrea - May 28, 2018

Saman is great!

My partner won the diversity visa lotery and We werent married at the time. My wife and I filled the forms and we made a mistake. Saman helped us to fix our mistake and updated our case with the US office. She was kind and efficient with us. Thank you for your help Saman!

Silverio - April 14, 2018

Excellent lawyer

Excellent service and staff. Always responded and answered all of my questions right away.

Franchescoli - April 14, 2018


Saman Movassaghi, Esq.

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